Cairns Little Seafood Market Turns 1

A first birthday is special for so many reasons, and Cairns Little Seafood Market is celebrating its first birthday this week.

The hugely popular local fish market was filled with customers eager to try their hand at a lucky dip with over $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs, including prawns, sashimi tuna, jars of Little Tuna, Toadfish Australia Accessories, sauces and Pasta, Cairns Little Seafood Merchandise, not to mentioned in-store vouchers.

Run off their feet, Kate and Rowan said turning one was a good reason to invite people in and show them how simple, affordable and delicious and healthy seafood is for everyone. 

“We had people in the store all day, loving the atmosphere and congratulating us on the milestone “– Kate said. 

“All our seafood is sourced from Australian and New Zealand waters using sustainable fishing methods. We want to ensure it is as fresh as possible by the time it lands on your plate,” Rowan said. 

The Lamason family has been synonymous with the seafood industry for over three decades. The family pioneered the tuna fishing industry off the coast of Cairns with their original fleet of 13 boats and are renowned for their quality seafood and personal customer service.

Their sustainable, wild, and fresh produce is sold nationally and globally, including in the lucrative Japanese export market, and has become a well-known and trusted brand.

 The seafood industry in Australia is massive, and Australian waters are incredible and highly governed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

“Traceability and accountability in Australian waters are flawless, which drives us to ensure Australians consume Australian seafood, and that the industry lasts,” they said.

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